Alliance for American Manufacturing Responds to 'State of the Union'

Tue, 01/25/2011

Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) Executive Director Scott Paul gave the following statement regarding this evening's 'State of the Union' speech:

"We welcome the President's focus on innovation, infrastructure, and education, as well as his commitment to win the jobs of the future.

"This is, indeed a new Sputnik moment for America, as we have argued.  But 50 years ago, America had a trade surplus, a healthy manufacturing base, and virtually no global business competition.  Our challenge today is as much about rebuilding as it is about innovating.

"Most blue collar Americans want to hear about how secure their jobs are, or how they can find good work.  President Obama still needs to make that case. 

"We look forward to working with the Administration and Congress to pass a 'Made in America' plan that will secure good manufacturing jobs now and in the future."

Click here to read Scott Paul's recent letter to President Obama outlining key points of a national manufacturing strategy.

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