"Our Nuclear Renaissance: Made in Asia?"

Posted by scapozzola on 02/18/2010

In a sharp editorial in today's Huffington Post, AAM Executive Director Scott Paul expresses concern about two nuclear reactors slated for construction in Georgia, potentially with some Chinese-made components.  As Paul points out, China has a very poor safety record when it comes to industrial products:
...it makes absolutely no sense to allow the manufacture of critical nuclear power components in China, which has a very spotty track record on product safety -- think faulty welds on Bay Bridge girders, lead-coated steel, defective tire treads, lead-painted toys, and tainted pet food, Heparin, and toothpaste, etc.
A separate concern is why federal funds should be spent on overseas components when U.S. producers stand ready to build the clean energy projects of the 21st Century:
is it desirable to trade America's dependence on foreign oil for dependence on renewables and nuclear energy manufacturing abroad? Worse yet, should we allow our tax dollars to make this possible?
Paul's concerns come at a key moment in the debate on U.S. manufacturing.  As Congress considers potential jobs legislation, it should be noted that building the renewable energy products of tomorrow can create jobs.  And when tax dollars are at work, so should Americans.  Simply put, Buy America works. Read more.

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