Is America #1 in Manufacturing?

Posted by spaul on 05/30/2007

An interesting piece from the Financial Times last week:
China heads for top of manufacturing league By Peter Marsh
China will take over the role as the world's largest manufacturer from the US by 2020, but the US's position in the global league table of manufacturers will remain surprisingly strong, according to Global Insight, a Washington-based economics consultancy.
Its forecast that the US will keep its share of global manufacturing output above 20 per cent, at least until 2024, goes against the widespread feeling, at least in the US, that the country is losing ground rapidly.
The US share of global manufacturing output will fall to 22.2 per cent by 2020 from 25.5 per cent last year. By 2020, China's share will rise to 22.4 per cent, from 12.1 per cent in 2006.
 ManufactureThis wants to know what you think.  Is America #1 in manufacturing?  Where will we be in 2020?

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