An Interesting New USA-Made Product

Posted by scapozzola on 12/07/2009

At at time when it seems many everyday items are made overseas, it's interesting to learn about Ecosystem, an American manufacturer of  journals, planners, and notebooks.  Not only are Ecosystem's products 100% Made in USA, they also contain 100% post-consumer recycled paper. On its website, Ecosystem states that by using 100% recycled materials, in 2009 they will save "3046 full-grown trees, 1,299,751 gallons of water and 283,974 pounds of greenhouse gases." And, by manufacturing in the U.S., they say that "American dollars stay in America":
Producing ecosystem entirely in the US was not just about ecological footprint, it was about constructing a business using American dollars that stay in America. The US economic environment has been unquestionably damaged as production moved out of the country over the past decades. ecosystem has attempted to un-do a small piece of that damage by working with a network of manufacturers in the US to produce these journals, planners and notebooks.
Using a network of U.S. manufacturers has also enabled Ecosystem to utilize tracking software so that customers can learn the exact sourcing location and recycling history of their book by inputting their product's individual serial number. Unlike China, which has a terrible record of pollution for industrial production, American manufacturers are responsive to environmental concerns.  So it's commendable when products like Ecosystem are Made in USA, which not only supports good-paying manufacturing jobs, but ensures that production is carried out in a transparent, green-friendly manner.

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