China Human Rights Activists Get Disappeared on President Obama Eve

Posted by admin on 11/16/2009

Over the weekend, as President Obama readied for his first trip to China, Beijing “detained” a number of its domestic activists, including a father whose child was one of the thousands of Chinese infants made ill by toxic Chinese baby formula.   In 2008, a state owned Chinese dairy company named Sanlu used melamine as volume booster in milk used to make baby formula and other products.   Normally melamine is used in creating plastics, flame retardants and fertilizers.   The toxic milk killed at least 13 babies and made 300,000 sick.  Melamine in Chinese –made pet food was responsible for the rash of pet deaths in 2007.  Just as with the pets, the Chinese babies died from painful kidney stones and advanced kidney disease.   The company stopped using the toxic milk long after its damage was discovered and only because it had been discovered outside China.    Zhao Lianhai, head of an advocacy group for children injured by the toxic milk, was taken from his home in handcuffs on Friday, with Chinese police claiming that he “provoked an incident” - which apparently occurred after the police appeared on his doorstep and attempted to arrest him for no reason.    It also appears that China housing activist Yang Qiuyu and dozens of his compatriots seem to be mysteriously unavailable for comment at this time.    Chinese human rights activists Li Jingping and Qi Zhiyong - who lost a leg during the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre – have both been detained and are reported held just outside of Beijing.   Mr. Qi in particular is in hot water for making a public plea to Mr. Obama that he addresses human rights issues in China.    Without being able to utter a word, these Chinese citizens who put their lives on the line every day in defense of freedom have demonstrated exactly why.    With the full support of the American people – and buffered by the courage of so many Chinese human rights activists – lets hope President Obama fearlessly addresses the oppression of so many millions with his counterpart, President Hu.

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