China is Suddenly a Friend of the Environment.

Posted by scapozzola on 08/30/2010

China has cut its export quotas for rare earth metals by 72 percent in 2010.  The Chinese  Ministry of Commerce said that shipments will be capped at 7,976 metric tons, down from 28,417 tons for the same period a year ago. Japanese officials have complained that lowered quotas could have a major effect on global industry and have demanded action on easing them.  In response, Beijing said that these restrictions on rare earth metals will help protect the environment. Strange that China is suddenly concerned about the environment.  This is the same country, after all, that is now the world's leading industrial producer of SO2 and CO2.  An Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) report has also shown that China's industry, particularly steel, often follows only the slightest adherence to weak emissions requirements. It's surprising, then, that China has suddenly discovered environmental concerns, given their rather awful track record... Read more. ##

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