The Early Shift

Posted by jeckert on 08/13/2010

early-shift_thumbnail.jpg Weekly jobless claims rose to highest level since February. China resets the yuan to June levels against the dollar, further proof of its currency manipulation. China’s mercantilism prompts excellent responses from a North Carolina textile CEO, as well as Dave Johnson, a respected progressive blogger. An excellent analysis of how the economy is playing out politically in states such as Michigan—manufacturing will be key. Chinese solar projects draw interest from many companies, but one U.S. firm is left hanging out to dry. Paul Krugman thinks the Fed doesn’t get it.  We agree. No surprise here: the Bush-passed TARP aided foreign firms. Two former Bush Administration officials argue that one of the ways to revive American manufacturing is encouraging investment overseas.  It’s this type of thinking that caused our problems to begin with. ##

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