Buy America

Buying U.S.-made goods creates American jobs and boosts our economy.

When American workers get the first shot at supplying the steel needed for a bridge project or battlefield equipment for our troops, they’re always up to the challenge. And since 1933, Buy America laws have ensured that at least some of our hard-earned tax dollars are reinvested in the U.S. economy.

But loopholes in these laws mean that some tax dollars go to foreign goods – leaving U.S. workers out in the cold. The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, for example, ducked Buy America laws, using foreign steel instead – and created 3,000 jobs. In China.

Fortunately, Congress – backed by bipartisan support from voters – is working to improve Buy America laws. Dozens of states are considering similar legislation. And more consumers are reading the labels on the goods they purchase. That’s Buying America.

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