Buyer’s Remorse: How America Has Failed to See the Threat Posed by Dangerous Chinese Goods and the Case for Safe Trade

Richard Miniter

Buyer’s Remorse: How America Has Failed to See the Threat Posed by Dangerous Chinese Goods and the Case for Safe Trade, is written by best-selling author and former Wall Street Journal editorial page writer Richard Miniter. It documents the dangers posed by unsafe Chinese imports and outlines steps the government should take to keep American consumers safe.

According to Miniter, the Bush administration and federal regulators have failed to step up enforcement and to reform rules that were written decades ago.

In 2007, thousands of American pets died from adulterated Chinese-made pet food and children were exposed to potentially toxic toys made in China. Nearly every item on holiday lists is made or partly made in China. Twenty percent of consumer goods sold in the United States in 2006 were made in China, according to the AAM report—a 400 percent increase since 1997.

Buyer’s Remorse finds that scores of Chinese suppliers knowingly adulterate their products with cheap, unsafe ingredients, while Chinese officials deny wrongdoing.

In his report, Miniter argues that there is a solution—“Safe Trade.” Safe Trade re-focuses regulators on the next threat, and by moving “beyond the false choice between unfettered free trade or no trade, it focuses on the health and safety of consumers, and if implemented could prevent death and injury.”

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