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American-made gifts: Children's toys

Posted by LDonia on 12/11/2012
















Our daily gift posts have been very focused on adult-appropriate gift items. Today we wanted to give some suggestions for those a bit younger...

The ideas here are for babies and young children. We trust your judgment on deciding how age-appropriate each item is for the young people on your gift list. Also, please note, while these may be targeted at younger children, many of the sites have items appropriate for slightly older children (elementary aged).

1.) California-based Green Toys makes all of its products from recycled materials.

2.) Stuffington Bear Factory makes plush animals in Phoenix, AZ. They also sell clothing.

3.) Bannor Toys makes its products in Des Moines out of sustainable materials.

4.) The wooden cash register comes from Pure Play Kids, a company which sells mostly Made in the U.S.A. toys. The website has a large variety of toys and activities for children of all ages. The place where each product was made is clearly indicated on the site.

5.) CBH Studio produces bags and accessories for all ages, including young children. The company's website, in fact, notes that its products are "certified child safe."

6.) The playhouse comes from Little Tykes, another company that makes products overseas as well. On the Little Tykes website, however, there are quite a few "Made in the U.S.A." toys to choose from. You can search for those pretty easily on the site and the product descriptions make it very clear when they are made domestically.

7.) Van Nuys, CA-based Anatex  made the tabletop easel. In addition to easels they make a number of other toys intended to stimulate the senses of a young child.

This is Day Nineteen of the Alliance for American Manufacturing's (AAM) series of American-made gift idea posts.

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