You heard it here first, and second, and on and on...The big PIVOT to jobs.

Posted by scapozzola on 08/02/2011

Faithful readers of ManufactureThis will recall our frequent exhortations of "Pivot to Jobs."  It's basically our way of:

[a] reminding official Washington that Americans want action on jobs ASAP; and,

[b] reminding everyone of the conclusions of our new national poll.

It seems that our #Pivot2Jobs message is catching on... 

Last week, the Los Angeles Times reported on the key message of our polling, namely that voters see jobs and manufacturing as the most important economic issues that Washington should be addressing.

Yesterday, Greg Sargent reported in his Plum Line Washington Post column that the conclusion of the debt deal means "officials are beginning to talk about that long-promised pivot to jobs that seemed to get snuffed out by the nonstop deficit chatter that has dominated Washington for months and months."

Today, it's Mike Allen at The Politico reporting that "Obama and Senate Dems plan pivot to jobs."

Well, we said it last week, they're saying it this week.  Good to know that our "Pivot2Jobs" message is catching on.

Click here to read about the Alliance for American Manufacturing's (AAM) new national poll.

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