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Posted by LDonia on 01/11/2013

Receiving questions from Twitter followers is kind of like getting snail mail – it’s exciting!question

This week, Twitter user @NissaLaPointe asked us “What is the largest most important manufacturing company we can get back from a foreign country?”

Thanks for the question, Nissa! I consulted with the Alliance for American Manufacturing’s (AAM) Executive Director Scott Paul.

He said:

Manufacturing is very diverse and our nation of course would benefit from any jobs shifted back here. One area in which it would be extraordinarily helpful is consumer electronics. If big players like Apple onshored work, that would get attention. In fact, Apple has already announced plans to bring production of one line of Macs back.

Of course Apple isn’t the only American electronics company manufacturing overseas, but it is one of the most visible. We’ve previously discussed the reasons Apple manufactures in China and what is continuing this offshoring.

That said, earlier this month, when word got out that Apple had begun improving labor conditions at its Chinese factories, other companies acknowledged they felt pressured to do the same. The point? When Apple leads, other companies take note and follow.

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