Yet another reminder - Americans love Made in the USA

Posted by LDonia on 01/22/2013

It's happened again. Another major publication has corroborated something we told you months ago.

You may recall, back in July, when the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) released its survey of voters. We found that 97% of those polled had a favorable view of goods manufactured in the United States. Additionally, we found that 36% of those surveyed thought American-made products have gotten better, while 34% believe Chinese-made products have gotten worse.

Now USA Today is sharing similar numbers it got from the Boston Consulting Group.

Over 80% of Americans are willing to pay more for Made-in-USA products, 93% of whom say it's because they want to keep jobs in the USA.

While this is not news to us at AAM, nor readers of ManufactureThis, the USA Today article did provide its readers with a useful cautionary tale:

Just watch out for phony Made-in-USA claims. It's illegal to claim a product is U.S.-made unless both the product and all it's components are sourced in the U.S. Even products that could imply a phony country of origin with a flag or country outline are verboten.

Good advice.

Read more here.

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Anonymous wrote 1 year 30 weeks ago

Made by the greatest country under God, America

IT IS TIME!!! AMERICA , the human product of all other nations. The greatest experiment ever created. All the greatest minds and hearts came together to expel tyranny from a new land. They were people from all faiths and beliefs but knew that their destiny , their success , their guidance and their protection belongs to a higher power ; that omnipresent power of God Almighty . In tiny short span of time ; our Nation has defeated every evil foe ; has created a nation that has ever been equaled . Our nation protects the world and feeds the world over and over and over , until a sickness came into it. We the people of the great USA. started believing all the lies told to us. " We are exploiters," the said! " We stole from all poor countries ," "we used all the WORLD's resources and we're all Racist." " NO WE'RE NOT; NO WE DIDN'T ; NO WE DIDN'T ; ( we have more untapped resources that we know what to do with and we always paid our own way -better believe it!!! ). AND WE'RE NOT RACIST!!! Evil hits from all sides . It infiltrated our parties ( the Demacratic party absorbed most of this progressive, Liberal , action). We doubted ourselves , we felt guilty about closing our borders. We let other greedy nations sell their cars that we taught how to make. We were told we are inferior ; and we are stupid . We are greedy racist when ever we tried to rid ourselves from the foreign exploiters !!!! STOP IT. STOP IT. STOP IT NOW!!!! AMERICA , FROM THIS DAY FORWARD; WE ARE NEVER GOING TO LET ANYBODY CALL US THESE NAMES AGAIN!! WE ARE GOING TO COME TOGETHER AS A POWERFUL NATION AGAIN!! WE ARE GOING TO THINK AMERICAN; BUY AMERICAN; PREVENT ANYBODY FROM CALLING US ( the most generous nation on earth with our blood and our money and our guns and our willingness to die for on foreign land to protect the innocent). SELFISH EVER AGAIN. LET'S BUY AMERICAN ; BUY AMERICAN; BUY AMERICAN!!!!!

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