The year in opinion quotes from AAM

Posted by mmcmullan on 12/27/2013

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) dropped a lot of knowledge on the opinion pages in 2013. Here are a few of the year’s finer quotes from AAM President Scott Paul:

Writing in USA Today, just before President Obama’s second inauguration, on our government’s relationship with China:

‘If trade is diplomacy, then at some point we have to stop relying on America's ability to simply consume its way through its problems.’

On signing a trade deal with Japan that doesn’t address the predatory trade practice of currency manipulation:

Manufacturing has been one of the few bright spots in our stagnant recovery, with the sector gaining more than 500,000 jobs since January 2010. And the president wants to add one million more of them by the end of his second term.

But nothing can erode the benefits of more open trade, or stop a manufacturing recovery faster, than predatory currency manipulation.

On Maryland’s new Buy American law:

For as much as we complain about broken politics, we spend precious little time promoting examples of wise bipartisanship. But Annapolis has provided an example. Buy American laws are as smart as they are popular. And our wider economy would be well served by more of them at the state level.

On corporate tax reform:

Globalization has meant that … manufacturers face competition not only from around the corner but also from around the world. Unless the tax code recognizes manufacturing's critical role in the economy, America is likely to see another wave of factory jobs lost as a consequence of ill-founded public policy.

And last but not least, here's Scott on what’s funding hacking activities by the Chinese military:

More than a dozen years ago, Congress lowered our trade barriers with Beijing. In doing so, we allowed China to take a massive chunk of our manufacturing base. In exchange, we received slightly lower retail prices in big box stores and promises of democratic political reforms in Chinese society.

But instead of reform, China took its new, huge flow of capital and perfected the world’s largest and most technically proficient police state.

We'll be spitting even more rhetorical fire in 2014. Stay tuned.!

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