Will we see any 'Made in America' on the Oscar 'Red Carpet?'

Posted by LDonia on 02/22/2013

Oscar weekend is finally upon us. For some, this is an event that is as big as, or bigger than, the Super Bowl. Only instead of coming for the commercials and staying for the game, the fashion-obsessed come for the gowns (and sometimes the tuxes) and stay for the awards.

In an effort, it seems, to engage that crowd early, The Oscars created a web series dedicated to Oscar night gowns for the five actresses nominated in the Best Actress in a Leading Role catgory.

The series places three designers against each other as they design a gown for each nominee. Viewers vote on Facebook for the best gowns.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) was pleased to see a designer whose work we've highlighted before, and one that has made a commitment to American garment manufacturing: Kevan Hall.

In the clip below, you can see Hall (and two other designers) create gown ideas for nominee Quvenzanhe Wallis.

Meanwhile, we're wondering how many Oscar attendees will grace the red carpet in American-made formal wear...any guesses?

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