Will the #AAMeter move this week? (That all depends on whether we're actually adding manufacturing jobs.)

Posted by TGarland on 06/03/2014

It’s Jobs Report Week, the first Friday of each month during which we get employment data from the government.  It's also the day that we update our #AAMeter, the running tally we keep of President Obama's pledge to create 1 million manufacturing jobs during his second term.

Last time we checked, President Obama’s goal was stuck in the mud and spinning its wheels.

While we wait, the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) has some pretty good ideas about how we can actually create new manufacturing jobs.

But right now, there’s a trade case in front of the Department of Commerce that threatens thousands of American steel jobs. It’s simple: enforce our trade laws and save thousands of manufacturing jobs.

Stand with us and urge our government to make the right choice: save our steel jobs.

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