"Why are Chinese firms building America's bridges and roads?"

Posted by scapozzola on 03/24/2012

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Anonymous wrote 1 year 33 weeks ago

American jobs

GM jobs in China. China wants products they buy made in China. I will agree with that! The things I buy here in the U.S.A, I want made in the U.S.A. Our trade is out of balance! China can mutable the production of parts needed to make something in the U.S.A. Why do we have 13 GM plants in China when the jobs are needed here? GM plants in 30 other foreign countries. What is the UNION doing to stop jobs from going to foreign countries?
Why is our government allowing China and Brazil to buy up or banks and packing plants? This is an issue that could be mutating the currency and our food supply be taken over by terrors.
How much money has China invested in Mexican farms? How will this affect our food supply? I don't like buying foreign produce as our government don't have access to the inspection. Same with Chinese food, can, cookies or frozen. How is this inspected by our government? I try and not buy anything but American products and produce. Mexican produce is putting our farmers in CA out of business.

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