Obama's manufacturing push: overdue and outdated?

Posted by Anonymous on 06/29/2011

Is President Obama finally following through on his promise to boost American manufacturing? He’s certainly been making the manufactuing rounds and talking the manufacturing talk. But the initiatives that the president has been touting as part of his recent manufacturing tour focus primarily on pre-recession problems and reflect the Administration’s disconnect from Main Street, reports Politico.

“These policies will help further down the road,” said Scott Paul, executive director of the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) in a recent interview with Politico’s Josh Boak. “But it’s also correct to say, ‘Show me the jobs now.’ That is where there’s been a bit of a gap.”

Even though Administration officials were briefed last year on an AAM poll that showed factory layoffs topped the list of concerns for voters in battleground states, the Administration has not focused on this issue—something Scott Paul believes is related to the “elitist” mentality of Obama’s advisors:

"'Because the president’s economic advisers largely hail from Wall Street and academia, there seems to be less of a commitment to manufacturing inside the West Wing than throughout the rest of the country', Paul said."

“Where it seems to break down is along these elitist lines,” he said. “Most of the think tanks and Wall Street infrastructure view manufacturing as being yesterday instead of tomorrow”

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