WeatherTech is serious about its American-made commitments

Posted by mmcmullan on 02/20/2014

WeatherTech, a Chicago manufacturer of auto accessories, doesn’t mess around when it comes to its commitment to American manufacturing. And it pulled out the stops to say so in a Super Bowl advertising spot:

We've mentioned this before, but it's worth repeating: That commercial is legit. Oh yes. If we had a stamp lying around, we’d stamp the Alliance for American Manufacturing Seal of Approval all over this one.

Because seriously, WeatherTech does more than talk the talk. David MacNeil, the company’s founder, has directed his business to buy American-made whenever possible. According to a recent USA Today article:

• When he was building a new factory, he stipulated that the builders only use American-made construction equipment.

• While inspecting a factory under construction about four years ago, he spied foreign-made parts in some of the piping. "I blew a gasket," he recalls, and required American-made parts to be substituted.

• Some hand-operated forklifts turned out to be imports. "I made them send me the American-made ones, even though they cost more," he says.

Put this commitment into context: Shoppers want to buy made-in-USA, and WeatherTech is tapping that vein. Sounds sorta like someone else we know …

Check out WeatherTech’s website here, and the USA Today story here.

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