The U.S. high-tech trade deficit is increasing, particularly with China

Posted by scapozzola on 08/25/2011

Here's an interesting snapshot of the decline in U.S. high-tech production and innovation:

The U.S. is running a significant trade deficit in “Advanced Technology Products” (ATP).  As the U.S. Census Bureau reports in table 16a of its monthly trade figures, the U.S. racked up an $8.8 billion monthly international trade deficit in advanced technology products in June 2011. 

This deficit is climbing rapidly.  The total U.S. ATP trade deficit in 2010 was $31.2 billion, whereas in 2011 it has already reached $43.6 billion.

The largest share of America's high-tech trade gap is with China.  In June 2011, the U.S. ATP deficit with China reached $9.5 billion.

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Anonymous wrote 2 years 48 weeks ago

Currency action

The Euro is supposed to be weakening (bad for the US), and the dollar is getting stronger against the yen (bad for the US).

It is important to note that the Fed Reserve is supposed to help the US economy, but it is acting on behalf of the global economy (i.e. Wall Street not Main Street). When you hear about Fed's policy information (on Friday) or the President's policy next month, be sure to consider it carefully. They want the dollar to strengthen (by not doing "QE3", by talking about low rates but really signalling that they will rise, by talking about fiscal order). Companies that outsource everything or do no real domestic work (i.e. Apple and Google) will become stronger in the financial markets. The stock market "movers" know more about the "system" than anyone in the political system, so be sure to look at the currency markets each day and then try to find out who is moving what.

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