The troops will finally wear American-made sneakers

Posted by TGarland on 04/28/2014

Late Friday afternoon, the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) received very exciting news from Rep. Michael Michaud regarding American-made shoes: the Department of Defense (DOD) will comply with the Berry Amendment to ensure that all service members purchase #MadeinUSA shoes with their footwear allowance. Said Michaud:

'(This) decision is a tremendous victory for American manufacturers who, day-in and day-out, produce high-quality goods – like New Balance sneakers. It only makes sense that we equip our country’s bravest men and women with products made by some of our country’s hardest working manufacturers. Today’s decision is truly a win-win for everyone and is an example of the kind of action we can take to ensure we have the backs of American workers.'

The Berry Amendment, you’ll recall, is a longstanding rule that directs DOD to buy domestic textile products when equipping our troops. But there was a loophole in it that allowed the purchase of athletic shoes made overseas based on a faulty, we-just-don’t-make-it-in-America logic. That's silly, though, because there are still shoes made in America.

We couldn’t agree more. Like Rep. Michaud says: This is a win-win for everyone. We'll be picking up another pair of New Balance sneakers to celebrate!

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