Travel like an American-made boss with this Made-in-Montana luggage

Posted by TGarland on 03/26/2014

Recently, Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM)  Field Coordinator Rachel Bennett Steury found herself in Billings, Montana, where she stopped by the operations of Red Oxx Bags, Inc. Here's her report on this proudly American-made manufacturer:

Red Oxx Bags, Inc. manufactures high quality luggage, backpacks, and adventure gear. Founders Jim Markel and Perry Jones, former parachute riggers, grew the company from a small basement operation to a global leader in adventure gear and heavy-duty travel bags. Their goal is to provide reliable dependable gear for even the most rugged adventurer.

Their state-of-the art manufacturing facility sets an example for the power of reclaimed material and ingenuity. Recycled timber, vintage military containers, and natural lighting promote the company’s commitment to energy efficiency and modern technology.

The “Oxx” has grown significantly for the past eight years by taking a different approach to business:

Tired of losing business to China, it became apparent that the game had changed and change was happening all around the economy. No more would the Oxx be held hostage by a fickle corporate buyer or forced out of competition by subsidized currency. The Internet had provided the perfect channel to reach out from the backwaters of Montana to the cities and towns of the world. ..Today the Red Oxx story continues with the finest luggage and sporting gear, all meticulously made by hand in America.

We're grabbing their classic Red Oxx Air Boss Carry-on bag (pictured)!

Their only store (in Billings, Montana) is located just blocks away from the factory. So stop by if you find yourself in Billings! Otherwise, you can find their products online.

Image via Red Oxx website.

This post was written by AAM Field Coordinator Rachel Bennett Steury.

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