The top 10 American-made cars

Posted by TGarland on 06/26/2013’s Kicking Tires blog has released its annual American-Made Index ranking the top 10 most “American-made” vehicles. This year, the Ford F-150 regained its number one spot after losing it to the Toyota Camry in 2008.

Determining the most “American-made” is incredibly difficult in today’s global economy.'s American-made index highlights cars that are built in the U.S., have a high percentage of domestic parts, and have strong sales with consumers in the U.S.

Ford, a member of the Big Three, lands at the top but a foreign company, Toyota, comes in second with the Camry. Out of the top 10 cars ranked in this year’s American-made index, five belong to auto manufacturers in Detroit. The other five belong to Toyota and Honda.

Though some foreign automakers build cars in U.S. cities, the parts are imported. The American Automobile Labeling Act (AALA) requires that all cars label the percent of domestic parts used in each vehicle.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing's (AAM) upcoming book, ReMaking America, highlights the importance of the U.S. auto industry for the overall U.S. economy.

Read more about the American-made index and the importance of protecting the U.S. auto industry.

Image by Flickr user Michael Gill, used following Creative Commons guidelines.

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