Throwback Thursday: Obama promises 1 million new manufacturing jobs

Posted by TGarland on 04/10/2014

During the 2012 Presidential campaign, President Obama laid out a plan to create a million new manufacturing jobs in his second term. He didn’t make that promise just once, but repeated it throughout the campaign. Don’t believe us? See it for yourself.

Your friends here at the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AM) plan on holding the president to his word. The #AAMeter stands at +114,000 new manufacturing jobs (these are the factory jobs created since the start of President Oabam's second term). We’ll need 886,000 more manufacturing jobs to reach the president's goal. That means we need to create 26,848 manufacturing jobs each month, for 32 months.

AAM has a blueprint to encourage manufacturing job growth and strengthen American industry. But the president and Congress have to act. No doubt, we’ll be watching closely.

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