Technology designed in America needs to be more often Made in America

Posted by TGarland on 10/09/2013

Those iconic white headphones connected to your precious smartphone, streaming your favorite music wherever and whenever you want — they're an everyday ritual for many Americans.

Well guess what? That everyday experience was made possible by research investments of several U.S. federal agencies that led to the development of MP3 technologies. But even though these technologies were created in the U.S., the products that capitalized on them are primarily manufactured in Asia.

While we remain on at the forefront of innovation, the U.S. has fallen behind in the application function, writes Sridhar Kota in AAM’s new book, ReMaking America:

Even when a marketable product has been successfully created in the United States, supply chains need to be nearby if manufacturing — the step where the most wealth creation occurs — is to take place domestically. And innovation will necessarily join manufacturing in moving to where supply chains exist…the “invent here, manufacture there” model is no longer economically sustainable — if it was, in fact, ever valid at all— and reveals a big gap in America’s innovation pipeline.

In order to afford the technologies we create, we must apply the technologies domestically to create American jobs. Hopefully, one day the back of an iPhone will say: Designed in California, Made in America.

Bonus for your next commute: listen to an AAM staff playlist (explanation here).


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