Teamsters Call on Commerce Department to Crackdown on Cheap Steel Imports

Posted by elizabethbb on 06/09/2014

Teamsters officials wrote to Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker last week to ask that the administration “fully weigh the concerns of the U.S. steel industry” as it investigates cheap steel imports being brought into the United States by South Korea and eight other countries.

The Commerce Department is investigating the imports of Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG), which are being dumped into the United States at a cost that is less than what it would take to produce here. OCTG imports have doubled since 2008, and South Korea is responsible for half the increase.

About 8,000 workers across the country make OCTG, and each of those jobs support seven more in the supply chain. The Teamsters write:

The steel produced for the U.S. energy market accounts for ten percent of domestic production. It is imperative that American OCTG producers have a level playing field on which to compete. One steel company already has reduced hours at three American facilities and idles another as a result of surging OCTG imports. This, in turn, has diminished work for our members, and the communities in which they live have suffered economic harm.

The Commerce Department is expected to announce its final determination by July 8.

The Teamsters join thousands of workers throughout the country who have rallied over the past several weeks to save OCTG jobs. You can help by joining steelworkers and their allies when they rally in Fairfield, Ala., on Monday, June 16 and in Virginia, Minn., on Monday, June 23.  

Can’t make it to the rallies in person? You can take part on social media by using the hashtag #SOSJobs, tuning into a live webcast on ustream, and telling your elected officials to stand with American steelworkers.

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