Sweatshirts for men and women

Posted by LDonia on 10/19/2012

There's a chill in the air, at least for many of us. If it's time to pack up your tees in favor of sweatshirts, check out these two American-made options.

For men, American Giant makes hoodies in a variety of styles (zip-up, pullover, etc.) at the company's sewing facility in Brisbane, CA.

And for women, A.S.Tees offers a thermal hooded sweatshirt made in Salley, SC. It's sad to bid the summer adieu, but you might as well doing it wearing American-made clothing.

Images taken from company websites.

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Anonymous wrote 1 year 45 weeks ago

Stop foreign-made brand showcasing while campaigning!

Romney and Ryan should stop showcasing their foreign-made NorthFace jackets while campaigning.

Or, President Obama should point this out.

The NorthFace brand produces only one item in the USA- a headband. All other products are made in India, China, North Vietnam. VF Apparel Corp. owns North Face and about 30 other USA brands. After purchasing the brands they mostly outsource production overseas.

Labor costs are reduced about 95% by this type of outsourcing. So why isn’t the cost of the goods reduced? Where does that huge profit go? The profits are used to:

1. Buy up more US-made manufacturers. Particularly those well-established American brands. Thus forming huge conglomerates.
2. A huge conglomerate creates strip malls to house all there brands and sell direct-to-consumers (like VF Apparel Corp)

The malls create further competition for small boutiques and stores; attract food chains; as well as other unfair national competition for local small business.

Americans have a choice: Support outsourcing of American manufacturing or accept THE LIE and pretend that these foreign goods are US-made!

What is ‘THE LIE’? Clever marketing can establish ANY lie as a truth with the right sponsorship. If we’re told that certain brands are USA-MADE we must believe that because our presidential delegates support that; network TV claims it; the President doesn’t address or deny it. Could anyone buy more powerful fashion ads than what we’ve seen for months on the Romney/Ryan campaign trail? They stand on stage with their NorthFace jackets- large breast-plate logos prominently displayed front and center with the America flag waving in the background.

The American marketplace if filled with high priced goods with little or no quality behind them. Socks have almost become ‘disposable’ items; shoes are uncomfortable, cause skin irritation, and fall apart; purses fall apart and loose color; garments fade, stretch, fall apart etc; auto parts corrode and break . . . AND jobs continue to move overseas!

Americans should demand support for AMERICAN-MADE, now and on all levels! Can someone please contact Romney and Ryan to say that it is pathetic that they showcase foreign-made brands while talking about saving US jobs!

Thank you,
Liz Kodela

Supporter of American Made

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