SUPER BOWL XLVIII: Tailgating in luxury

Posted by LDonia on 02/02/2014

Are you ready for some football? On Sunday afternoon, the Meadowlands' parking lots will be full of tailgaters -- and it's highly unlikely that cold temperatures in the northeast will stand between fans and their brats, beers and burgers.

Of course, some tailgaters may already be in place for gameday. (To be honest, we're not sure what the rules are when overnight parking is concerned.) And we'd bet those hypothetical tailgaters, of course, are the type of sports fan who lives in their vehicle, at least in advance of the game.

It's possible that some of those folks may show up in a  Marathon Coach. And who would blame them? These things are gorgeous!

Now we'll just come out and say it, it isn't entirely Made in the USA. Marathon Coach takes a chassis made by Prevost in Quebec, and converts and customizes them in a Coburn, Oregon plant. But this is the beauty of American manufacturing -- it takes a good thing and makes something even better: the ultimate RV

This is not the RV your grandparents drove out to Mount Rushmore when they retired -- these are the equivelant to a mobile McMansion. From marble tile and leather couches to 46" LCD TVs and kitchenettes equipped for dinner party cooking, these vehicles turn camping into glamping.

Check out Bloomberg Photo Service's photographs at Marathon's facility in Oregon.

Image from Marathon's website.

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