SUPER BOWL XLVIII: Focus on Denver’s manufacturing sector

Posted by LDonia on 01/31/2014

We know the drill. You're gearing up for sunday's game -- filling your refrigerator with wings and hot sauce and your pantry with chips of every variety, when it hits you: I have no idea how Seattle and Denver stack up from a manufacturing perspective. No worries. Your friends at the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) thought took this as an opportunity to look at the manufacturing footprints of the Superbowl's competing teams’ home cities: Seattle and Denver.

Below is the Denver post. Check out the Seattle post here.

As of December 2013, 134,900 people in the state of Colorado were employed in the manufacturing sector. Of them 64,100 were located in the Denver/Aurora/Broomfield area.

Overall, the state of Colorado lost 57,800 manufacturing jobs due to trade with China between 2001-2010. 5,300 of those jobs were lost in the 1st congressional district, where Denver is located.

So, who are those people and what’s Made in Denver?

Here’s something cool that was conceived, designed, and manufactured in and around Denver and its neighboring cities: NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission (MAVEN). MAVEN was launched in November 2013 and will reach Mars later this year, where it will collect atmospheric data.

That’s not all – you know when you’re in a city and you see people riding around on a seat affixed to the back of a bike (which may or may not remind you of the rickshaw Kramer pulls around in a Seinfeld episode)? Those are called pedicabs, and they made in Denver, by Main Street Pedicab.

Also, forklifts! Donkey forklifts, are named in recognition of the hard work done by that noble animal back in the mining days of the Rockies.

And, as with many cities, there are quite a few local makers creating an array of items. Knotty Tie makes handmade neckties, Little Colorado makes wooden children’s furniture, and 50 Dresses makes clothing (yes, primarily dresses).

It’s also notable that there are websites and organizations dedicated to helping small makers in the Denver area gain visibility. I Heart Denver and Denver Handmade Homemade are two great resources we found, and they may be especially useful to people looking for cool Made in the USA gifts.

Post researched by AAM intern Pamela Tom-Jack.

Image by Flickr user dagpeak, used following Creative Commons guidelines.

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