Starbucks continues to bring manufacturing jobs to the United States

Posted by LDonia on 07/16/2012

Last month we told you that Starbucks is making an effort to employ Americans, one manufacturing job at a time. Now, the company is breaking ground at a new plant in Augusta, GA that is set to open in January 2014.  The new facility will employ 140 people and is expected to create “hundreds of indirect jobs related to construction, shipping and other supply chain function,” according to a press release from the company.

The new facility will make Starbuck’s VIA Ready Brew, a coffee base for frappuccinos and other ready-to-drink beverages.

Says Peter Gibbons, executive vice president, Starbucks Global Supply Chain Operations:

Starbucks has long believed that there is a direct link between our success and the vitality of the communities in which we do business. With access to a skilled labor force, advanced technology, and critical transportation and logistics infrastructure, Augusta is a great example of how building high-tech manufacturing facilities in America makes good business sense while supporting the communities where our customers and partners live and work.”

Annie Gasparro writing for says:

While it would be more cost-effective from a labor standpoint to locate the plant abroad, Starbucks says the savings on transportation and better quality that will result make it worthwhile.

‘We've done a lot of homework to make sure we make the right supply-chain decisions, and this is the best economic decision for our company,’ Mr. Gibbons said.

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