SOTU programming note: FLOTUS guest list addition

Posted by mmcmullan on 01/28/2014

Let's take a moment to step away from all of our State of the Union previews to get some truth down on paper: The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) likes a teenager who hustles. That’s why we were jazzed to hear that Joey Hudy has made it onto Michelle Obama’s SOTU guest list this year. He’ll be up in the gallery with the first lady as President Obama addresses the nation tonight.

Does Hudy look familiar? He might: A few years ago the young man flexed his manufacturing muscle at the White House Science Fair with his most excellent marshmallow gun. The president, as photographic evidence shows, was impressed.

Since then, Hudy has become a teenage fixture of the maker movement: The young people taking the reins of new technologies who very well may be behind the industrial breakthroughs of the future.

We’re glad to see that Hudy will have a front-row seat for one of the biggest political speeches of the year. It shows the White House understands how important it is to incubate that kind of technological curiosity in kids. Can’t have a future industrial base without the people to power it, after all!

Check out Hudy talking to Bloomberg TV about the State of the Union address. Can’t see it? Click here.

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