#SOSJobs LIVEBLOG: Labor Leaders Condemn Trade Violations

Posted by mmcmullan on 06/16/2014

United Steelworkers union leader Dan Flippo, Director of United Steelworkers District 9 for the Southeastern United States, was joined by Daryl Duberry, Vice President of the United  Mine Workers of America on stage at the #SOSJobs rally in Alabama. Flippo asked: When in recent memory have business, labor and both political parties are united?

“It’s time for Americans to put our foot down,” said Flippo, as he praised the bipartisan coalition Alabama has put together to protect good-paying jobs.

“What you’ve got to do, when you leave this rally, is go home and tell your neighbors: ‘I’m standing for the American worker, I’m standing for this valley,’ so that we can build this movement for American products.”

Duberry cited family members who had been steelworkers and their experience with Japanese steel dumping in earlier years. “That coke plant over there burns coke to make steel. So the Mineworkers are here to stand with you. We find it’s not our employers were fightin,’ like NAFTA.

“The electronics industry is gone, and now steel’s being dumped on,” said Duberry. “Korea is doing nothing but cheating.  They know that once they’ve got the market locked down, those prices will spike. That makes their cheap products dumped on our markets nothing but criminal.

“I’m fed up and fired up and it’s time we armed ourselves with knowledge and solidarity.”

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