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Posted by LDonia on 08/15/2012

As we’ve pointed out in our last few posts, it’s still summer, and it’s still hot. If your house isn’t as well ventilated as you’d like,Attic_Fan you may consider a new attic fan.

Solaro Energy produces American-made, solar-powered attic fans.

The company’s website states:

The Solaro Aire™ removes moisture that can cause mold and mildew in the winter and will thoroughly and effectively ventilate up to 1500 square feet during the hot summer months…The Solaro Aire™ doesn’t cost one penny to operate! It’s completely powered by the sun! The built-in 20 watt high performance proprietary custom solar panel will deliver the highest output of power, blowing all other products of its kind out of the water! Automatic thermostat option available to turn the high performance motor on when the attic space reaches 85°F so your attic will always stay cool, not to mention keep your energy bill down!

In addition to attic fans, Solaro Energy also makes LED lights, skylights, solar panels, and generators. The company focuses on “solar-powered solutions for residential and commercial environments. We provide durable product solutions that help end users achieve more independence, contribute to the conservation of our natural resources, and achieve meaningful economic savings.”

Learn more here.

Image of attic fan taken from Solaro Energy's website.

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