Snow in the forecast? Try an American-made snow shovel!

Posted by LDonia on 01/24/2013

snow shovelAfter weeks of mentioning in this space how Washington, D.C. was not yet experiencing a true winter, it finally happened...

This morning D.C. residents woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground. We understand that our friends and family in other states have been subject to major storms and freezing temperatures, so there's no complaining on this end. But, we did want to commemorate the big meteorological event.

So, today we bring American-made snow shovel.

Steubenville, Ohio-based Bully Tools makes over 200 varieties of indoor and outdoor tools for purposes ranging from home gardening to flooring to fire fighting.

If you're in a place like D.C., one where snowfalls are few and far between, and rarely accumulate, these shovels double as mulch shovels during warmer months.

Check out the rest of the products available from Bully Tools here.

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