Shoppers like (and "LIKE") "Buy American" holiday challenge.

Posted by scapozzola on 11/26/2012

Last Friday, Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) Executive Dirctor Scott Paul challenged consumers to buy American-made gifts when shopping for the holidays.  In fact, it was a simple challenge: Could each shopper buy even one American-made gift item?

I'm asking you to do one simple thing on Black Friday: Buy just one American-made product...

Buying American sends important signals to the folks who have helped ruin our economy. To the outsourcers, it says "bring those jobs back." To Capitol Hill, it says "if you can't pass a jobs bill, we'll take matters into our own hands." To retailers, it says "we prefer American-made products." Those signals, taken alone, won't bring Made in America all the way back -- but we'll be headed in the right direction.

Paul's editorial resonated throughout the internet, with more than 800 likes on Facebook.  Possibly, the op-ed's diverse list of "Made in America" shopping options proved particularly helpful to "Black Friday" shoppers.

Read the full editorial.

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