Shift Changes: The Outdoor GreatRoom Company keeps outdoor entertaining an American-made affair

Posted by Anonymous on 08/18/2011

An Eagan, MN based company is helping its customers discover the benefits of outdoor entertaining—while they   discover the benefits of domestic manufacturing.

According to The Outdoor GreatRoom Company, “The age of the Outdoor Room has arrived.” And given the company’s expansive collection of outdoor room essentials (fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, furniture, etc.)—and their growing customer base—we’d have to agree.

Founded in 2003, The Outdoor GreatRoom Company originally outsourced most of its production to facilities in China and India.  But over the past year, the company has shifted the engineering and production of most of its line back to its Eagan headquarters, reports the StarTribune. The company now employs a workforce of 15 in its local manufacturing facility.

Dan Shimek, CEO of the Outdoor GreatRoom Company says he eventually hopes to sell only items made in the USA, "Not just because of the experience, but because it's the best thing to do for the country."

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company’s story is proof that no matter how big, small (or niche) a company is, it’s possible to keep it made in America while keeping profits up, and costumers happy.

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