Shift Changes: Hey Apple-- Why not Make it in America?

Posted by Anonymous on 09/08/2011

Today on Shift Changes we’d like to discuss a hypothetical shift—a shift that we’d certainly like to see, and given American’s affinity for made-in-USA products, we’re sure American consumers would appreciate as well.

We think Apple Computers should shift production of its electronic devices from the infamous Foxconn factories in China back to the U.S.  This idea was recently proposed by American manufacturing advocates Michele Nash-Hoff, President of ElectroFab, and Curtis Ellis of the American Jobs Alliance, in a Boston Globe op-ed.

Nash-Hoff and Ellis argue that with the introduction of Tim Cook as the new Apple CEO, now is the ideal time for the company to bring jobs (of the non-Steve variety) back to the U.S. They believe that Cook can “top Jobs’ act” by moving Apple’s manufacturing base to the U.S.—and given the key role he played in establishing the company’s supply chain, he is the perfect man for the job.

They also state that contrary to popular beliefs regarding the financial “need” for Apple to manufacture it's products abroad, given the company’s stellar reputation and quality products, it could easily profit from manufacturing them right here in the U.S.A:

“Apple is in a unique position to manufacture in the US. In a sector driven by price, Apple does not compete on price — it competes on quality. Apple products cost more and command a premium price because they’re better. Sound familiar? This has traditionally been the hallmark of American goods. Buyers pay more for products made in the US, because they are superior.”

As for labor Costs, Nash-Hoff and Ellis argue that Apple should have no problems paying American workers fair wages to manufacture their goods domestically:

“But Apple can well afford American labor…In the final analysis, labor is a small part (probably less than 10 percent) of Apple’s cost of manufacturing, far less than capital equipment and components.”

We couldn’t agree more. Apple, a prime example of American innovation at its best, has long prided itself on its ability to design groundbreaking consumer electronic devices that set the tone for the rest of the industry. Now it’s time for this American success story to become truly American by shifting produciton back to the country that houses its epicenter of innovation—and hopefully the rest of the American tech industry will follow suit. 


Anonymous wrote 2 years 33 weeks ago

Moving Apple production to America

Your suggestion is a great one, however there are some reasons why this would likely not work. Before you get too upset with me, keep in mind as you read my comments, that my New Hope for America Foundation has a solution to bring our jobs back home that would work for all U.S. manufacturers. Also I too have a MAC laptop as my only computer.

We all like to think how American made products have superior quality, yet the reality is that those great top quality Apple products are made in China. I don't think that moving production to the U.S. would give the Apple products that much more quality.

With my MacBook Pro laptop costing 3 times more than a PC, moving production to a much higher cost U.S. factory would have probably put the laptop I bought beyond my price range. Paying 3 times the price as I did was quite a "stretch".

Apple's use of low-cost Chinese labor while they sell their computers at a high price has given Apple high profits. Apple would not be very willing to give up their high profits. Anything the government might try to do to force Apple to bring their production back to the U.S. would destroy our economy,

We desperately need a new trade policy for our nation that will truly work for all the manufacturers of America. As we look to find a way to bring our jobs back we need to keep in mind that hiring more people
will NOT bring in more "orders". Our lack of "jobs" is only a symptom of the real problem.

The real problem we face is a "lack of orders" going to the manufacturers in America. Please check our website to find out how we could solve this problem and bring millions of jobs back home to
Also check YouTube for "Restoring our Jobs"

Anonymous wrote 2 years 51 weeks ago


We American consumers need to start to speak out and tell manufacturers that we are willing to pay a bit more to buy products made by our family, neighbors and friends here in America!

Anonymous wrote 3 years 1 week ago

Apple made in the USA

I would be one happy consumer if Apple was made in the USA. I try to buy most things that are made in the USA, but when it comes to electronics there just isn't an option.
I own 3 Apple products now, but should they move manufacturing to the USA I would make every effort to just replace the other computers and phones with new, made be Americans, Apple computers and phones.
How great that would be!

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