Sen. Rockefeller: “The American military should be protected by American steel”

Posted by Anonymous on 10/18/2011

Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) declared yesterday that he will start pressing the Department of Defense (DoD) to use American-made steel to produce military vehicles. 

Currently, the DoD permits the melting stage of steel used to make armor plates for military vehicles to take place overseas. Sen. Rockefeller and seven of his colleagues recently sent a letter to the DoD requesting that this crucial stage of the assembly process be required to take place in U.S. steel plants.

Sen. Rockefeller said in a statement yesterday that “this move will help protect American steel jobs and businesses,” and that he believes the “American military should be protected by American steel.”

Click here to view the letter that Sen. Rockefeller and other Senators recently sent to the DoD.

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