To Save Our Steel Jobs, It's Now or Never

Posted by elizabethbb on 07/07/2014

Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) President Scott Paul sent the following email message to AAM subscribers. 
Steelworkers need your help — and they need your help now.
I’ve traveled across America to rally alongside thousands of steelworkers who are fighting for their jobs. You can check out some of the action for yourself by watching the video below.

Steelworkers and community members are joining forces to ask the U.S. Commerce Department to take action to address the dumping of Oil Country Tubular Goods — the steel pipes used in the extraction of oil and natural gas — into the U.S. market. Countries like South Korea are flooding the market with these pipes, which are priced below fair market value, against trade laws that are already on the books.

That’s putting hundreds of thousands of steel jobs at risk. American workers can compete with anyone in the world, but they need Washington to make sure everybody plays by the rules.

It’s up to the Commerce Department to do something about it. Department officials will decide by July 10 whether to enforce our trade laws and impose tariffs that will level the playing field.

You can help: Tell your elected officials to make sure our trade laws are fully enforced.


Scott Paul

Alliance for American Manufacturing

P.S. Have you already raised your voice? Tell your family and friends to take action, too.


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