Sail into Summer with TipsySkipper

Posted by LRaup on 05/30/2014

Sail through summer days and nights ahead with TipsySkipper.

This Fashion Friday the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) is highlighting a Made in America company founded by Kearsley Lloyd called ... you guessed it ... TipsySkipper. Kearsley made her dreams of owning her own line become a reality through several internships and hard work.

TipsySkipper is headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, but their shoes and accessories are available in stores all over the place. Talking about her company, and where her ideas began, Kearsley says her hobbies have been her main influences. From the website:

The name Tipsy Skipper is reflective of Kearsley's love of sailing and bold designs. After weeks of tossing ideas around, Tipsy Skipper was on the right track, and may have been imagined after a few dark 'n' storms!

The TipsySkipper proudly displays a Made in America logo at the bottom of their website. In 2012, the Providence Journal did a feature on Kearsley’s company in which the American Made quality of her products was discussed:

After Lloyd has her designs on fabric, she works with a small network fo mostly East Coast producers to manufacture the shoes and bags and other items that comprise her line. Finding U.S.-based manufacturers that can create a high quality product in small runs at a reasonable cost has been the most challenging aspect of running the business, Lloyd said. But when she does make a connection, it’s rewarding.

Lloyd continued on, stating “it’s nice because you can go and see the things being made, and it’s employing people in this country, which I’m committed to.”

TipsySkipper products can be found on their website, and their shoes, bags, and accessories are great for every occasion and style.

Research and writing by AAM Intern Pamela Tom-Jack.

Images via TipsySkipper website.

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