Rep.Tim Ryan leads effort to prioritize U.S. manufacturing in tax reform discussions

Posted by TGarland on 12/20/2013

After passing a budget, Congress may turn its attention to corporate tax reform. The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) wants to make sure that effort spurs economic growth by rewarding investment at home and improving the business climate for capital-intensive industries.

On Thursday, Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) and 33 members of the House made an early show of support for American manufacturing in the tax reform discussion. In a letter to Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp and ranking committee member Sandy Levin, they wrote of the need to prioritize American manufacturing in any discussion of tax reform:

We need to fully understand the impact the emerging proposals will have on domestic investment. Incentives for domestic investment are vital to domestic job creation. Many of these existing provisions are essential to the creation and retention of good-paying jobs, including domestic manufacturing jobs, which are key to growing our economy and the middle class.

AAM supports this effort by the Congressman and his colleagues. Read the full letter here.

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