Rep. Doris Matsui (D-CA) touts manufacturing jobs, Make It In America Initiative, at Sacramento Manufacturing Summit

Posted by Anonymous on 11/15/2011

Last week, Congresswoman Doris Matsui (D-CA) participated in the first-ever Sacramento Manufacturing Summit in Sacramento, CA to discuss the importance of manufacturing for her home state, and the nation as a whole. She also praised the House Democratic Caucus’ "Make It In America" initiative, which is helping to restore our depleted manufacturing base:

“Americans inherently know that manufacturing is critical to our nation,” said Rep. Matsui in a statement. “America was once a manufacturing powerhouse, and it is no coincidence that in the decade leading up to the recession we lost one-third of our nation’s manufacturing jobs. We rely on manufacturing to drive our economy. It not only creates well-paying middle-class jobs and fosters innovation, but we have always been proud of the words: ‘Made in America.’”

“For every manufacturing job, there is a multiplier effect that supports other jobs throughout the economy. In the current fiscal climate, there is no better deficit reduction plan than creating jobs in this country. That is why in Congress, I am excited to be working on the ‘Make It In America’ agenda – a plan to keep America competitive by rebuilding our manufacturing sector."

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Anonymous wrote 2 years 34 weeks ago

Made in USA

It is great to hear someone speaking with understanding on the issue of Made in the USA. We absolutely can compete locally with lean manufacturing principles and smart design, but we need an industrial policy that rewards investment here instead of the other way around. The core truth is that there is a substantial multiplier effect when mfg jobs are local. My company can testify to that. We have electronics stuffing houses, machine shops, testing and certification contractors that all participate in our business. We design and assembly high performance rechargeable lights in California.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 40 weeks ago

Passive invasions!

The American Dream. To leave for our children a better life than we had ourselves. Today that is just a dream! We are still a leading consumer country. However we no longer consume our own products. It is no secreat that we are paid for our labers and use our pay to feed our needs and desires. So, if we stop laboring how long before we are forced to stop consuming? We are slowly being sucked dry of all our power which comes not from our ability to fight physically but financialy, as a consumer. Our trade agreements have killed us. Every thing in life requires balance. A large consumer who is not equally a producer will soon starve and from these other nations, people think were helping, we will here: You are who? What have you done for me lately? I don't know you! Go away! If you open the door for someone to get cheaper labor, won't they. Don't you also shop prices in the store? Our government has forced us to allow foreighn products in our store and its nearly forced on us to purchase them becouse we don't often even have an American Made product to choose from. We need to reverse this while we still have the ability. Choose American Made or forfit the American Dream.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 40 weeks ago

made in the USA

What can we do to get manufactureres to put MADE IN AMERICA
OR MADE IN THE USA boldly in the front of their products so that you don't have to stand for 5 minutes looking at the back side trying to figure out where it was made?

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