ReMaking America will create jobs

Posted by TGarland on 09/27/2013

Hey Congress! We’re talking to you. The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) and most Americans would like to avoid a government shutdown.

But you know what else Americans overwhelmingly agree on? Putting Americans back to work. Carl Pope, a veteran environmental leader and a featured author in ReMaking America, busts out some numbers:

If there is a bipartisan consensus on any issue, it is on the urgency of a manufacturing revival. The public has overwhelmingly voiced its support for the government’s adopting a manufacturing policy that puts Americans to work. In recent polls, two-thirds of Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike agreed that other sectors could not replace manufacturing as a source of economic strength, and similar majorities favored a national manufacturing policy.

A four letter word has been missing from the shutdown spat: j-o-b-s. It's time for the Administration and Congress to focus on helping the American people by establishing a national manufacturing strategy to ensure a stable economy and put Americans back to work. 

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