Really, we're begging: Stop feeding your pets Made in China pet food and treats

Posted by LDonia on 10/23/2013

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) has been sharing stories of contaminated pet food from China since our current website was built (the summer of 2010, for those keeping track).

So while it's absolutely tragic, it is of little surprise that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced today that even more pets have died or fallen ill following the consumption of Chinese-made jerky treats.

NBC News interviewed one pet owner whose two-year-old pug died after eating one of the jerky treats in question. Robin Pierre's comments struck a chord with us:

'I am disgusted that our government continues to protect corporate American (sic) and China,' she told NBC News. 'They need to start protecting the American consumer so that this does not happen again. As soon as a product is in doubt, a warning label should be placed at the point of sale so that consumers can make an educated choice.'

We couldn't agree with you more, Ms. Pierre.

This outbreak has been going on for six years now and the FDA cannot figure out what is causing the deaths and illnesses. Meanwhile there doesn't seem to be any kind of movement towards stopping the import of the items in question.

So while the FDA tries to figure out what is going on in China, AAM would like to take yet another opportunity to implore pet owners to stop buying Chinese-made food for their pets. We're not victim-blamers around here, but it looks like the only way to prevent this, at the moment, is to not let your pet get near the tainted food in the first place.

In fact, we'll even reiterate past advice here:

Freshpet sources and manufactures its pet food in the United States. And U.S. Bones carries a variety of treats, supplements, food, and grooming implements for your pet. 

NBC News has more details on the FDA report.

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