Ralph Lauren begins making up for that Olympic uniform debacle

Posted by LDonia on 10/23/2013

This morning, Women's Wear Daily (WWD), a fashion industry trade publication, ran a story that caught the collective eye of the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM).

While the article is available for subscribers only, we're happy to share the crux of it with you.

Marc Karimzadeh reports that Ralph Lauren (the company behind this goof) has committed to a contribution of $500,000 to the new Fashion Manufacturing Initiative (FMI). FMI's goal is to help update and upgrade garment factories in New York City.

WWD previously spoke to Steve Kolb, CEO of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and a member of FMI's selection committee about the initiative:

'Primarily, it’s an investment in equipment, new technology and innovations that currently don’t exist in New York,' Kolb told WWD last month. 'Two is capital improvement on space, because if you have ever been in a factory in New York City, you see how dismal the conditions can be, and this is an opportunity for factories to improve working conditions. Then there is the recruitment and retention of labor for the factories. The last part is information. There is a lot of information of where you can make things in New York, and several databases, but none of it is really prominent, so we will take all that information and make it available at cfda.com.'

Factories in NYC will be able to apply for funds starting next month, grantees will be announced in December, and awards will be distributed in February. As you may recall from AAM's recent manufacturing trivia, New York City's garment industry has been all but decimated. We're certainly looking forward to seeing the upcoming changes!

Image by flickr user Mike Licht, used following Creative Commons guidelines.

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