QOTD: President Obama speaking to newly elected mayors

Posted by LDonia on 12/13/2013

My hope and goal out of this meeting is we immediately set up a strong partnership with all the mayors here and all the mayors who aren't here where we get a clear sense of what their vision is and how they’re trying to deliver services; how we can make sure that our kids are getting the very best education possible; how we make sure that we are creating the platforms, the infrastructure for jobs to succeed -- or jobs to be created and businesses to succeed in these cities; how we make sure our transportation dollars are flowing in a way that maximizes economic development.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) agrees with you, Mr. President. We also recognize that re-building the manufacturing base is integral to these objectives. We hope, in 2014, to see you double-down on your promise to create a million new manufacturing jobs in your second term. And it's nice to see you engaging early with a cadre of men and women who may just be your allies in accomplishing your goal.

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