QOTD: POTUS outlines his plan for the economy with manufacturing at the center

Posted by TGarland on 02/18/2014

Today, President Obama visited a Safeway distribution center in Upper Marlboro, Maryland to announce new fuel efficiency standards for American trucks. According to a White House fact sheet, these new standards will bolster energy security, cut carbon pollution, save money and support manufacturing innovation.

All well and good. but how do raising fuel efficiency standards fit into the president's plan for the economy? Here's what he said today:

We let the automakers decide how they were going to do it. We set the goal and we said, go figure it out. And they invested in innovative and cost-effective technologies. And some are already making cars that beat the target of nearly 55 miles per gallon. They’ve got plug-in hybrids. They’ve got electric vehicles. They’re taking advantage of the investments that the Recovery Act made in American advances in battery technology. So cars are getting better and they’re getting more fuel-efficient all the time.

Not bad. But we can do more for American manufacturers. The Alliance for American Manufacturing, in fact, has laid out a blueprint to grow and strengthen American manufacturing.

Tell your representiaive or senator to support American manufacturing by getting tough on China's currency manipualtion.

And tell Congress to Buy American and invest in American jobs!

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