QOTD: AAM President Scott Paul talks young workers in manufacturing

Posted by TGarland on 12/19/2013

Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) President Scott Paul recently spoke with Clare Goldsberry of Area Development Magazine. They discussed the recovering auto sector, government regulation, tax reform, and getting younger workers interested in manufacturing.

Paul told Area Development that what we the United States needs to be doing as country is encouraging young people to (at the very least) consider manufacturing as a career path.

We’ve found in our research that people love manufacturing and manufacturing workers. They just don’t think there are any jobs there. That’s the primary obstacle — getting more kids interested and parents educated in the fact that manufacturing offers good jobs with good wages. It’s key to begin steering them into manufacturing jobs. We’re making progress. Manufacturing Extension Partnerships (MEPs) are getting much more into skills training at community colleges. More community colleges are adding programs to train for manufacturing jobs in their areas. And many didn’t have these programs for more than a decade, so things aren’t going to change overnight. It will happen. It will take resources, and it will be frustrating. It is a management challenge but it’s solvable.

Read the full interview here.

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