President Obama talks #manufacturing in Cleveland later today ... what will he say?

Posted by LDonia on 11/14/2013

Had your eye on the news? We’re in the midst of a big week for American manufacturing.

There’s been plenty of action on Capitol Hill regarding a large trade deal that could have a huge impact on our manufacturing sector. There was a Senate hearing yesterday about how to better foster collaboration between industry and government to improve the former. And last but certainly not least, President Obama himself is visiting a Cleveland, Ohio steel mill to discuss his economic agenda and manufacturing’s place in it.

You heard that right: The President will be talking about jobs and manufacturing today with one of North America’s most efficient steel mills, now nearly a century-old, as his backdrop.

We at the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) are excited to hear what the president has to say about creating more manufacturing jobs. The United States just had one of its better months this year for manufacturing job creation, as the #AAMeter has shown.

But we're even more interested to see what President Obama will do. Remember, he might have a difficult Congress to work with, but there are plenty of steps he could take to help American manufacturers on his own. AAM outlined them right here.

Will President Obama announce any new policies today in Cleveland? We'll see. Until then, check out AAM President Scott Paul's preview of the event above. Paul will be attending the speech this afternoon, so follow him at @ScottPaulAAM for some instant reactions. And follow AAM on Twitter for even more updates.

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