Postcard from Montana: AAM field coordinators talk manufacturing in Big Sky Country

Posted by LRaup on 03/16/2014

The Alliance for American Manufacturing’s (AAM) Rachel Bennett Steury (that's her on stage picking winners for a Made-in-America gift basket) and Meghan McKeefry trekked to Helena, Montana in late February (wasn't cold at all) to partake in the Montana Republican Party's Winter Kickoff.

Candidate training, opportunities to meet both state and federal candidates and incumbents seeking re-election, and a Made in Montana event featuring beverages and food from local sources were just a few of the opportunities the kickoff had to offer.

And it was just the kind of gathering that provided an opportune time for an informal poll.

So the AAM  staff surveyed attendees on their perception of international trade, the trade deficit with China, and leveling the playing field for U.S. manufacturers. Several questions garnered notable responses: Regardless of occupation or location in the state, a majority of respondents felt that manufacturing is the "lifeblood" of our economy, making it the #1 response, with "national security" concerns coming in at #2.

The results from the survey show that AAM and Montana Republicans share commonalities on ways to move our nation forward. In fact, Republicans everywhere agree with our issues.

Special thanks from Bennett Steury and McKeefry to those who participated in the survey -- and also to Bowen Greenwood, Executive Director of the Montana Republican Party!

AAM Field Coordinator Meghan McKeefry contributed to this piece.

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